The “iN” Crowd

From growing up in urban concrete jungles, to becoming one of the best defensive backs in pro football, I survived and endured it all. Not a Fatherless home, Parental substance abuse, Gang violence, Criminal activity, or Jim Crow was able to stop me from reaching my goals, professionally, athletically, and academically. Injured in the NFL, mislabeled in the CFL, Fashioned in the AFL, and traveled in NFLEurope, I sharpened my skills and acumen to deal with the rigors of being the outcast. No walk-on in football history has fought as hard for this game than I did. With God as my Head Coach, Jesus as my Quarterback, and The Holy Ghost as my cheerleaders, I had all the preparation and support I needed to be successful. The only thing I needed to do was put the Word of God into my everyday life. Sometimes professional sports make it difficult to keep your faith where it belongs, but without a true relationship and covenant with God, nothing you do has any real value. Faith, Family, Football, and Finances are my priorities. Never will I categorically misrepresent that again in pursuit of success.

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